Sunday, August 27, 2006

Rainy bike ride, and naked computer support

Since Friday, we have gotten close to 5 inches of rain. Our bike ride yesterday had a 20 minute layover under the overhang of what I think is actually the back door, or the parking lot side anyways, of the Lussier Family Heritage Center in Lake Farm County Park, while we waited for the rain to stop.

Since one of my kids was driving home from camp, and the other is recently moved into his off-campus apartment in Milwaukee, I was biking with my cell phone. As the old saying goes, "Idle hands are the devil's workshop" - I used that 20 minute layover to check in with both kids. John, the one in Milwaukee, was not pleased that I had called, but my phone rang again just as we got home, and he was having trouble connecting his new cable modem & wireless access point. I made Mark talk to him, because even when he has called to ask for my help to do something, John will usually inform me that whatever answer I produce is wrong, and then we will argue. He'll listen to Mark.

It got to be naked computer support, because the cell phone is the most intrusive means of communication, and when John called back for more help, I simply pursued Mark, even though he had retreated to his bathroom upstairs to take a shower - we were both pretty wet and muddy.

The party flowers are all dead, and I washed the vases this morning.

I am going to make some version of this corn and tomato gratin from the new Gourmet for supper.


Sandra White said...

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Alane said...

Deb, did you make the tomato/corn gratin? I did and thought it was bland and not a pleasant texture. Maybe I did something wrong but it was runny and didn't hold together. Disappointing.

Deb's Lunch said...

yes, I did make it, and liked it well enough, I liked the basil in it, but thought it did not need cream - I like a Deborah Madison Corn pudding recipe better - it has corn, bread or cracker crumbs, cheese, milk or half & half and egg - my son Al really likes it, and he hates tomatoes (except as pizza sauce) so he thought the corn-tomato dish was really a bust ...