Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Focus, please

So I bought this fancy new camera, and I couldn't get it to focus. It was driving me nuts. I kept reading the instructions and trying to do what they said to, and it still wouldn't focus. Finally this morning I realized that the lens was not screwed in all the way - as soon as I had it seated right, the camera started behaving the way the manual said it would.

So I'm not saying these are good pictures (probably the best one is the one of the kitchen sink that John took) but they sure look better than the ones from when the lens wasn't screwed in - and think what would have happened to a film camera - you'd get even less, because all the fim would've gotten exposed, plus you wouldn't know until you developed it.

kitchen sink

tomato tart with flash

Glads at speed

tomato tart au naturel

Glads close

more tomato tart au naturel

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