Sunday, August 20, 2006

Learning new things

So the new camera was delivered on Friday, and I even went to the local camera store on Saturday to buy the compact flash card that it needs - I was too excited about getting the deal to order the card when I ordered the camera - theoretically all in time to take great food shots at the party last night. But that theory competely ignores the learning curve factor. It took me close to 15 minutes just to sort out all the instructions that the Canon came with - there're 2 books, one in English and one in every other language, with little fold-out quick start guides to go with. Then there are instructions for the battery pack & charger, more for each of the 3 disks of software, not to mention the 2 glossy booklets on how to take, edit, and print better pictures using optional Canon products that can be purchased separately, the warranty card to send back, plus a little card directing purchasers to the part of Canon's Web site where there is free, 24/7 help.

So I did not take pictures last night, only one today (with my old camera) of the extra tomato tart:

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