Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I'm getting a new camera

Yesterday I finally got in in time to get one of those deals for a good price on the Cannon Digital Rebel XT, the good digital SLR that I have been wanting, and that I am trying to win in the Food & Wine magazine food photography contest. It's one entry per person for the entire contest, so I sent mine in and now have to wait - I just checked the rules, and they won't announce the winner until Oct. 1. Sigh

When I told John (my son who's in art school, studying photography) that I was buying the camera, he said I'm not allowed to have a better digital camera than he does - he has a Nikon Coolpix that I think is 5.5 megapixel - but we agreed that since he's doing film work at school this fall semester, it'd be OK for me to have the Canon and him the Nikon, because we could maybe get him a better digital camera for Xmas. And maybe I'll win the F&W one, now that I am buying one.

Anyways, I went for this deal because it was the body and a cheapo lens for under $700, and the last deal I saw was for the body alone for $650 - Heidi says I should have gone for body alone, and then bought a better lens. But because I am coming from point-and-shoot, I think that even with the cheapo lens this camera will be the greatest to me, at least for a while, and then I can move up to the better lens.

So I can actually take pictures like this:

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