Tuesday, August 15, 2006

"Everyone's a poser"

I always thought Joey Ramone said that, and he was pretty fuckin' cool in my opinion - but the point is none of us is ever as cool as we think (or maybe in my case, I'm cooler than I think, 'cuz I usually think I'm a dork...) - my fuckin' cool brother even 'fessed up to this:

Jen and I went to an all-ages X show in Mpls when we lived there.
We arrived at about 9:30, thinking we were arriving early. We heard a
final power-chord strum: "Da-da-da-da-dah!" A crowd roar, and John
Doe: "Thank you very much! Good night!"
So, we don't know how to go to shows anymore either and that was like
15 years ago
I feel so much better.

Back to food; the party menu is getting settled:
  • hummus & pita
  • more of that corn salsa, and chips
  • Caponata (from the Victory Garden Cookbook) & Lea's new goat cheese appetizer w/ baguettes
  • dill dip & veggies & crispy tofu
  • some nice cheeses and crackers and salami
  • goat-cheese tomato tarts
  • the appetizer that's flat bread spread w/cream cheese & pesto, with roasted peppers on top, but I think I will make the bread, using my fave pizza crust recipe (and buy the roasted peppers in a jar)
  • sour-cream apple pie bars, but made with peaches
  • tiny fruit tarts, with pastry cream & berries
  • blueberry pudding cake
  • hibiscus lime tea
  • peach sangria
Who knows, maybe Joey, or John, will show up ...

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