Monday, July 10, 2006


I bought a big bunch of mint at the farmers' market last Saturday - (and one of cilantro and one of Thai basil that I have yet to use but I have plans). Isn't it funny how a purchase of $3 worth of herbs can cause you to spend a lot more money on additional ingredients, and a lot more time on cooking the dishes? The mint I have been using in tea, hibiscus & mint, with apple juice to sweeten it. And I made a batch of very minty tabbouleh - the recipe calls for melon, but I used cherry tomatoes. When kids finally came over and ate up leftovers last night, it was one of the things we polished off.

I will put the Thai basil into a Thai curry, with broccoli & tofu & coconut milk & chili paste, and I will put the cilantro into green rice to go with beef enchiladas.


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