Saturday, July 08, 2006

Cooking for nobody blahs

I'm still in the pattern of not getting the foods and the eaters to line up, resulting in sorry leftovers. And I have had a couple of dishes come out not quite right, additionally reducing their curb appeal.

On Wednesday, before we had to go to court on Thursday, I thought it would be comforting for John to come over and eat peanut noodles, and I would wash his hair - when we got him stitched up on Monday, they said wait a day, and then have someone else wash your hair so you can lean back in the sink beauty salon style, and the water won't beat down hard on the stitches. But he ended up going to a friend's and playing video games and watching the big screen TV and eating chicken wings, and by the time he washed his hair Thursday morning, the shower was OK. And I burnt the tofu topping of the noodles, anyways.

They smelled good going down the drain this morning.

I defrosted the freezer on 4th of July, and got out these blueberry muffins; we ate a few of them, but they were still lonely today.

I made apricot scones on the 4th trying to use up these shredded apricots I got on sale from King Arthur Flour, but they were just blah - I must have a jinx with these apricots - the last time I used them I made apricot ginger scone with candied ginger and they tasted like floor cleaner .... I think they will have to become puree for a filling or something like that.

But hope springs eternal - today I am going to make pizza, and I think there will be enough eaters - sausage & mushroom, prosciutto & arugula, and feta, spinach & broccoli. And tomorrow I am going to a potluck, so I will make the chicken & sugarsnap pea salad with the tahini dressing, that I bought ingredients for before the 4th. I had a taste for it, and had trouble finding the recipe, Epicurious search didn't work the way I expected - "tahini" and "chicken" together, nope, "chicken" and "salad", nope - finally "tahini" all by itself worked - and I did find out that you can combine a year and an ingredient, and get, for example, at least some portion of all the chicken recipes in 2004, though not the one with tahini in it - and when you click through to the recipe, golly, there's "tahini" and "chicken" and "salad" all right there in the title .... I last made it the summer my mom was dying - she liked to have a prepared salad dumped over a bowl of lettuce for a meal, and this was perfect for that - and I was intent to wean her off the Whole Foods chicken salad. It uses 6 chicken breasts, and makes a lot, I'd be doomed with leftovers again, so just right for potluck.

Wonder what my bro's writing about today...


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