Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Mid-week, mid-winter, mid-life

Like I said awhile back I woke up all stuffed up one day last week, and it has turned into I think the worst cold of the many this winter - I think when it is so mild, the germs don't die, they stick around to infect us ... so Sunday morning I was lying in bed listening to public radio, and they were talking to a former pro-football player who had come out after he retired from football. The interviewer was asking him what it was like being a closeted gay football player and he said that it was sort of like having a cold but you go to work anyway - you carry on, but you're not at your best - that's how I've been feeling the last few days, can't you tell how hard this is for me right now? Aren't I doing great in spite of it all... (grin)

Anyways, yesterday was not much of a cooking day, went to an appreciation dinner for local farmers, put on by our local food co-op; I am on the Board of Directors. It was the same dinner as the board meeting last week, no surprises but good.

Tonight I got home a little early, and I am making what Nigel calls "An herb and barley broth to bring you back to health" - YEAH! - and apple crisp.

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