Thursday, February 09, 2006

Thursday night supper

I made pizza and salad for supper tonight - and really cleared out all the near-death vegetables - remember that giant bunch of escarole? Gone! Part of it had already been consumed on the Up North trip, but the rest of it went in tonight's salad, AND the mushrooms that I bought thinking mushroom omelette for John, that never happened AND some parsley, arugula and leaf lettuce.

My crust recipe is pretty much the same as Heidi's - she had a recent post The best pizza dough ever and the secret trick is delayed fermentation, a.k.a. not using very much yeast, and letting the dough rise slowly in the fridge.

The toppings are prosciutto, asiago cheese, and argula at the last minute with olive oli misted on top, and fresh ground black pepper (mmm, this is the house pizza of a nearby Italian restaurant, an old bad family Italian place, rejuvenated wonderfully by a couple, who, if they areen't Irish, at least have an Irish name ...) and mushrooms and sausage and mushrooms and pepperoni.

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