Friday, January 27, 2006

Day 2

I am still trying to figure out blogging - is it journaling, or is it supposed to be more edited and distilled? Yesterday I took a lot of stuff out, now I am thinking I should put it back in. I think one problem is that, using Nigel's Kitchen Diaries as inspiration, I am comparing blogging to an edited, printed, published text - and that is distilled. Of course Nigel is a better writer, or at least more experienced than me <grin>.

Made pumpkin pie last night - too many cans of organic pumpkin leftover from Thanksgiving in the pantry - first the co-op was out, then they got it in, and everytime I saw it, I bought. Anyways - used Marion Cunnignham's recipe - it is in the Fanny Farmer cookbook with I think 1/2 cup too much milk - the filling curdles - and in Savuer magazine
with I think too little sugar. I made one thin pie/tart and 2 little ramekins, and it seemed too dense and not sweet enough, I used soy milk and a whole can of pumpkin, which is a little too much for the recipe. I used a very sweet tart crust tho, so I think the pie will taste better than the ramekins - tried one with a marshmallow melted on top when it was warmish last night, OK but not great, tried a few sppons of the other one cold this a.m. with thick vanilla yogurt - that was good. Thawed Cool Whip for the kids to put on the tart.

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