Thursday, January 26, 2006

Day one, a little later

Naturally, this blog was begun on work time. I came home and made pasta all'arrabiata - definitely on the extra angry side, because it was to use up the last bit of the good, spicey salami that did not get put out at the cookie party in December, and I made a bacon salad to use up those greens going slimy in the vegetable drawer - arugula & spinach - I got them to wilt pretty good in a metal bowl with the hot dressing, but they somehow did not seem as delicious as the salads in Nigel's January. Must be because the greens were not from my corner greengrocer (the spinach was from the co-op, tho) I think I have equal good intentions to cook the right food at the right time, but somehow reality strikes, the soup gets made, but not eaten tonight because it takes too long, and I have graham crackers and nutella for supper. And the usual debate while making the pasta sauce tonight - do I throw in this 1/3 of a jar of paul newman sauce to get it used up, and potentially wreck the sauce, or at least make it less good tasting, or leave out packaged stuff to maybe mold? (I left it out)

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