Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Cookie fret

I went to bed in a state of mild cookie depression last nigh, fearing that nothing's coming out right - the Biberli are dented, the pine nut macaroons are too brown and there's not enough of them, the ginger creams are too hard and there's not enough of them, either - and when I work up this morning, all I could think of was should I do over any kinds. In other years, I've had a few make-overs. It also seems like my aches & pains are worse this year, too - that pain in the back of my neck is almost intolerable, and I don't seem as able to self-massage it out by rotating my shoulders as easily. Last night I gave up on baking and went to blogging, and it hurt just to sit in the chair.

But, a night's sleep and hope springs eternal - after fretting about a re-do, I went on about the day. Initially getting work there was just too much administrivia. Hadda to go meet a plumber at noon, and now the dining club house needs a new water heater - but the rebate from the lead line replacement will cover it, so it's a wash - ha!

And it's sunny and 50 degrees - which does kind of bother me at this time of year - golbal climate change fears aside, it needs to be in the 40s to make the vestibule a good cookie storage chamber - but it is nice to walk outside on a sunny 50-degree December day! I stopped in the co-op, and got mistletoed; got to kiss the co-op services manager on the cheek - and somehow, on the walk back to the office, I was happy. I know what I'm making tonight - ginger slices, gemberkoekjes, spoon cookies - a quadruple batch, because they were so well-received when I made them for the 1st time last year, Mexican wedding cookies - and I am just going to let it go - no do-overs - no apologies - it will all be just fine. And I might start taking some Advil for aches & pains.

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