Saturday, December 01, 2007

The start of cookie season, and trip to Seattle

Cookie season did not have a very auspicious start - I made a fruit cake on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, Simnel cake, a light fruitcake with a band of marzipan in the middle that is like the Brits' Christmas cake, and a pan of a new recipe, or new to me, because it's from Joy of Cooking, so not a newly written recipe, of lebkuchen, (anyways, lebkuchen is another Christmas baked good with a long history and many variants, like fruitcake) and both of those went together just fine.

And I made the dough for the jam cookies, thinking I'd bake them and stick them together with the jam on Monday night, but then realized that we were leaving for Seattle at omigod in the morning, and that would not suit the jam cookie schedule - they need to sit out til they set, and then be wrapped and frozen - far too much work before catching a 6:30 flight.

So I came home from work on Monday, and made the Hootie swirls, chocolate peanut butter brownies, attributed (on the web site I got them from, in like 1994) to Soni's mom, the drummer in Hootie & the Blowfish. But I inadvertently put in more than twice as much chocolate chips as they should have had, so they were too crumbly and doughy at the same time ....

I re-made them this morning.

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