Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Feeling out of it

Somehow the last few days I'm feeling out of it, like I'm missing out on important events in pop & local culture. Maybe it's because the power went out Monday night before I could see the Muppets on Jimmy Fallon. In a way it was nice, a reminder of what life was like before artificial lighting. We lit a bunch of candles and read at the kitchen counter for awhile, but the stools tall enough to draw up to the counter are kind of hard, and it was dark and cold and we just went to bed at 10:40 or so. And even though the power outage was a reminder of the low-tech life, I just watched the Muppets on Fallon on NBC's website - and they actually made it pretty easy to post them here:

Maybe it's because, even though I spent a huge chunk of Sunday at the wildly successful pie palooza - where we served pie to around 500 people - I also read the New York Times book review and arts & leisure, and the section (from LAST week) on upcoming holiday movies, and even though I put some books on hold, not many of the movies have made it to Madison yet.

Maybe it's because I really am old & over the hill - but I've been checking in on Facebook, too. Although Facebook seems to be becoming the Boomer social network. We all got on to keep up with our kids at college and now we're chasing them away.

Both kids called to check in this afternoon, though, so that makes me feel more in touch.

And I made mac & cheese with squash hidden it for dinner. It sounds like a mom's dirty trick, or what was that flap a bit ago - there were two cookbooks on how to hide vegetables in your kids' food, one by the wife of someone famous .... ah, here it is, Jerry Seinfeld's wife. But the squash really just makes the sauce oranger and maybe sweeter. Yum.
A Study of Gourds by Pieter Withoos, ca. 1675-1693

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Sara said...

I'm told that a way to make a tiny portion of pasta go farther is to put some squash in it. I think it was on some weight loss program. They suggested that instead of using all spaghetti for a dish, use half spaghetti, half spaghetti squash, which has been 'strung' using a fork. I like this idea, but I also love spaghetti squash.