Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bottom of the vegetable bin rice salad

Last winter I tried to perfect the bottom of the vegetable bin stir fry, using up a carrot or two, broccoli stems, cabbage, an onion, over rice, or maybe ramen noodles. Tonight I tried it using some components from a sushi salad recipe that I tested for a forthcoming Japanese cookbook, written by Sarah Marx Feldner, who also writes about monthly for the Milwaukee Journal.

In Sarah's sushi salad, you cook some rehydrated dried shiitake mushrooms and diced carrot in water & soysauce - so this sushi salad has that, plus beet greens (where that faint pink is coming from), broccoli stems, and a matchsticked kohlrabi that cooked up surprisingly sweet.

Then I went up and polished all my mom's copper-bottomed Revere ware, that's hanging over the kitchen sink on peg board, like much of our house in the 60s & 70s and just like Julia's kitchen, too.
This is Dorie Greenspan's picture of Julia's kitchen.

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