Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer's Bounty Dinner

Since my brother's got a 9-month contract, he's blogging away - lotsa good entries.

I myself am teaching a 5-week class this summer, to be followed immediately by a 1-week workshop. Then I have a few days to get everyone's grades in, by August 19, and I have about a week I can take off - but then the regular semester starts Sept. 8

So I'm not writing much at all.

I did take pictures for once, at the Summers Bounty Dinner Sunday.
Above is the tomato-basil salad, curry potato salad, and the black bean & corn salad.
Another view, same salads.
One of the chickens on the grill - I snipped the wing tips, stuffed them with rosemary and tied their legs together. Cooked over indirect coals, back up, so no basting.
The black bean corn salad stars here.
Tomato, a bunch eaten and a closer view of the curry potato.

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