Thursday, July 16, 2009

President's Lunch

Here's what I got for lunch on Monday at the conference - a wedge of iceberg with a bacon dressing and some bleu cheese, that was quite tasty, and some kind of chicken breast with a pine nut-ricotta filling, and a red pepper sauce. And a bun. Oh, and score - the chicken breast was resting on some scalloped potatoes - there were two stalks of steamed asparagus, that I ate, and some chunks of sort of roasted summer squash, that I did not.
There's always supposed to be an element of humor at this event; it is a presentation by the President of the 800-pound-gorilla of the library world, a huge company that owns the largest database of library records in existence, but that is actually a consortium of libraries. I like to describe them more or less in Pogo's words "Them is Us". Anyways, this year the humor was a set of slides of fake Twitter tweets; muppets Statler & Waldorf griping about rubber chicken again; Sarah Palin offering to field dress a moose for next year's lunch; Joe Biden complaining about the word-lmit on his tweet. But the best one was Melville Dewey (yes, the Dewey Decimal System Dewey), who played around with "economical" spellings, like Dui for Dewey, saying 140 characters suited him just fine.

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