Monday, July 13, 2009

In Chicago with the librarians

Yesterday I lugged my big bag:
WITH camera and tripod in, all over Chicago, and never took a single shot. Today, I flipped to my fast, shallow lens, ditched the tripod, and tried to get on the program of at least documenting the food I'm getting while here in Chi-town with something like 30,000 librarians.

After attending an interesting, but completely oversold, program on linked data - the image you see if you follow the link was on one of the presenters' slides (Eric Miller - who I used to say was the only person in the word who really understood RDF). I started off standing, but eventually got a choice floor spot, where I could lean my back against the wall. I decided to bail and come back to the hotel room to do a little work. I have read and graded one student's assignment so I am cutting myself slack to play (blog) a bit.

I bought a Starbucks yogurt parfait for breakfast - Greek yogurt with honey and granola, entirely superior to the one I had before that was vanilla yogurt with flabby, thawed-out frozen fruit. It was way too crowded in the session to even think about hauling out food and eating it, so I stopped on my way back up North Michigan, to eat my parfait on a bench in the little sculpture garden by the Art Institute, where I used to eat my lunch when I was an intern in their library, something like 16 years ago.

And there was this dead dragonfly on the ground, who let me take his picture.

Now let's see what I get for lunch.

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