Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year Everybody

Isn't there some type of superstition that as your New Year's Day goes, so goes the rest of your year? (maybe I made it up ...)

If that's true, I think I'll have a pretty good year - I cooked a brunch for a lot of people - 39 in 2 seatings - and everything went pretty much the way I planned it. Except the clean up. That dragged on for what seemed like forever.

I made shirred eggs, baked in little dishes with a splash of cream, and grated cheese (it was Beemster aged Gouda, that I swear said made in WI on the package, but I can't find proof online right now). Even cold, which was how I ate mine, they had this wonderful flavor - I am sure it was the cream.

There were hash browned potatoes - I boil the potatoes the day before, chill overnight, then grate and fry them in a combo of olive oil and [salted] butter - works a dream for a big crowd.

I sort invented what I called black-eyed pea-laf - the recipe is from Joy of Cooking, for hoppin' John, but I made it vegetarian, with veggie broth instead of chicken, and chopped kale instead of bacon, and added a topping of buttered crumbs, a bit like cassoulet.

I made cranberry filled cimmy buns - from Gourmet, Nov. 2001 - isn't it funny how certain Gourmets have a ton of good recipes and you use them over and over, while you never make a thing from others.

I put out a ham, from Nueske's, and there was bread for toast, juice, and fruit.

I didn't really finish cleaning up until almost 5:00 p.m. - including mopping up the entry way at my house, since it was so disgusting from everyone in & out last night in muck and snow - I think I should get into PJs now and watch a movie on DVD and drink champagne - or maybe go out and see a movie ...

happy new year!

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