Sunday, December 28, 2008

"Should we talk about the weather?"

In the words of the R.E.M. song, talk about the weather is superficial party chatter, but what else is there? (and I also just found out - shouldn't be a surprise, I guess - that I always loved the ease of simply Googling a song lyric, and now all the sites that provide lyrics are selling you ringtones to stay afloat).

Anyways, here in WI, on Friday night and all day Saturday, it was in the 40s and we got rain on top of 2 feet of snow. It was disgusting - my basement leaked, and all the high white snow banks turned grey. There was billowing fog, and I was worried about my kids, flying back from CA.

Last night I looked out the window before I went to bed, and the rain had changed to snow, and there was about an inch of new flakes covering the nasty grey. From a high of 44°, the temperature dropped to 22° overnight.

Probably the worst part, though, is how exhausting all these rapid weather changes are, to me anyways. It's like going through entire winter, freeze to thaw, and then doing it all over again (I know, I was kvetching about this already).

But also, superstitious as I am, and especially with the kids traveling, it's also all about wondering just how weird it's really gonna get - what could happen next? The power was out all up and down one of the major thoroughfares in Madison yesterday morning - no banking, grocery shopping or latte sipping could be done. And I never heard for sure, but it must've been weather related. People were stranded in airports all over the country. And today, my iPhone didn't work - AT&Ts network was out.

It's creeping me out. Still, the sun on new snow this morning was certainly a comfort - looked just how WI in winter's sposed to. Kinda like this walk for coffee on Christmas morning, back in our last winter.

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