Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hanging around the house on a Saturday night

I'm home on a Saturday, not a disaster for a 53-year-old; it's not like I'm 20 and should be out. A youngster should be "Out paradin", like Paul's grandfather says in a Hard Day's Night - even though it dates me to know that, I was still too young to see the movie in the theaters when it first came out; I never saw it til I was in college.

Anyways, I'm making Cincinnati chile from a Cooks Illustrated recipe, it's like a meat sauce to be eaten over buttered spaghetti, with the beans and cheese and onions on top, and will be, when Mark & Ethan get back from hockey. We'll probably eat in front of SNL.

I've also been doing a little prep for the soup dinner - I am cooking beets right now for a beet & kale salad, and I baked several breads this afternoon - but I am kind of low motivation, because I have all day tomorrow.

I did get an iPhone picture of the full moon over the parking lot when I got home, to commence my at-home evening:

I'll try for more food pictures, tomorrow.

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