Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Buried Future, Withering Youth, Unprotected Sex

We haven't gotten much snow in the last two weeks - we had the horror of rain on top of 2 feet of snow, right after Christmas. We got a few inches of new snow, but not enough to cover up all the grey melted and re-frozen stuff, then we had an ice storm, and got glazed with a nice thin sheet of ice, last Saturday night.

Today at noontime, I walked up State St., kind of a dreary day, and the ground was grey packed frozen snow with lots of cigarette butts. There were flyers advertising an upcoming show taped to kiosks and lamp poles, and the three bands are called Buried Future, Withering Youth, and Unprotected Sex. On the trip back down State, the young woman walking in front of me was wearing some kind of leggings under her mini skirt, I'm sure made from some extremely long polymer substance, but that looked like flat black rubber. It was all entirely too punk rock, even for me.

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