Thursday, November 13, 2008

Using up more of the giantic kale -

- but still not quite ALL of it. My friend Rachael is going gluten-free, so when I went over to her house to walk on Sunday morning, she loaded me up with a big bag for gluten-full food, like pasta and wheat flour, and frozen dumplings.

One of the things she gave me was a package of sprouted wheat pappardelle. Seemed like a good partner for the gigantic kale, so I made a dish with the ribbons of whole wheat pasta, kale, onions, cubes of roasted squash, and feta and grated Mobay cheese.

While beer & the New Yorker were the appropriate accompaniments to the other night's fried rice, this time, eat a big bowl with a glass of red wine, while reading Neil Gaiman.

I blanched and shredded and froze the very last of the kale, so it can pretend it is a 10 oz. box of frozen spinach to go in a soup next week.

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