Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dinner at eight

On Wednesday evenings I teach a class, and I am always looking for something good and easy to eat when I get home. I have a couple of standards - toad in the hole egg (egg fried in a round hole cut into a piece of bread, and you must fry the round piece on the side) or a whole box of baby lima beans - must be Birds Eye, in the foil wrapper - boil, drained, and tossed with butter, salt and a little nutmeg - it is OK to eat these right out of the pot you cook them in.

Tonight, even though Mark and Ethan offered the last two slices of their pizza, I knew I had a few cold boiled potatoes in the fridge. I decided to fry them up, and when I was digging them out of the veggie drawer, there was a bag of argula on top - and I remembered that Jamie had a recipe for smashed potatoes with argula tossed in - we ate them last winter one time, and I thought they were pretty good, though Al turned up his nose at potatoes with green stuff in them.

Anyways, I fried up the taters, and dumped in the argula, and then decided that a couple of slices of Usinger's summer sausage would be good, fried up, too. Must've been the Brit overtones; fried salami and potatoes, even when it's sliced salami, is pretty near cousins to bangers and mash.

I ate them with hot sauce, ketchup just didn't seem right.

And class was pretty good tonight, too.

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AmySprite said...

Congrats on the write-up in The Isthmus!