Monday, December 31, 2007

Got my kids back

John & Al finally got back at the Milwaukee airport, yesterday at about 10:30 - their flight from Dallas was actually 9 minutes early; they landed at 10:21.

I hit patches of fog on the way down and wondered if their plane would get diverted to either Chicago or even Madison, instead of landing in Milwaukee - the perfect irony - what does Alanis Morrisette know - at least half the things she lists in her song are really just bad luck, not irony .... "It's like rain on your wedding day; It's a free ride when you've already paid" c'mon ...

Anyways, everyone's back, and we're preparing for new year's eve hullabaloo - I intend to make an appetizer spread of everything I've got left from the holidays, in the hope of feeding kids before they go out to drink. And I think Mark and I will go to a movie.

I got Jamie Oliver's Cook with Jamie for xmas, and even though I think the book is really for a less-experienced cooking audience than me, the photography is great, and it's full of great ideas. We had his Scotch stovies for breakfast - potatoes cooked on top of browned onions - you add add water with the potato chunks, and it washes all the nice browned stuff off the bottom of the pan onto the taters. And since I do have that bit more experience, I did not mash the potatoes as much as Jamie suggested, so they were more like breakfast potatoes than a mash to go beside a hunk of fish or meat.

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