Sunday, September 21, 2008

Portion Control

I'm having a little trouble jiving my inclination as a serious foodie to want to eat & experience everything, with my inclination as an over-50 female to gain weight. A lot of restaurant reviewers say that they stay in shape despite "having" to eat out all the time, by a combination of working out and only taking a taste of all the fabulous foods they review. And, not all the foods are so fabulous; I recently read one reviewer's commentary that if she doesn't love it, she simply stops after a bite or two.

Sunday morning I decided to try out portion control - for breakfast I had half a bagel with cream cheese, tomato, tabasco, and pickled onions, instead of 2 halves. (I have also recently gone to the small serving of real cream cheese rather than larger schmear of light/neufchatel cheese program - and this has the added advantage that full fat cream cheese keeps better than the reduced fat - I think it is because the full fat contains less water that can make the cheese go moldy ...) I also had a thin slice of the apple cake I just made from Dori Greenspan's recipe; in all the pictures I've seen of Ms. Greenspan, she is quite thin, but she lives in France, so no wonder.

I biked over to the Willy Street Fest on the assumption that 8 miles or so of biking would work off the one beer I planned to drink. In the end I had 2 beers, and 2 bites of Chris's pizza - so I probably queered the formula.

I had a much thicker slice of the cake for breakfast today.

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