Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dorla's owl

I went to the Willy Street Fair yesterday, and parked my bike near a friend's house, because she had a cake plate of mine that I thought I could get back, and I knew she'd let me use her bathroom.

I was dropping off some stuff at my bike when my friend, trailed by two other women she had picked up along the way, came up the sidewalk and said, "come in the backyard, you have to see this - put your beer down, you'll drop it, it's so amazing".

We got back there to discover that while weeding, she had uncovered a roosting owl. We tried to get him shaded, and the coolness seemed to help - he stretched out a wing into the shade. We think he was startled by having the roof ripped his sleeping place by Dorla's weeding. I also think that the loud music seeping over from the Fair was disorienting him, too.

I'm betting he just hung out til dark, and then headed off to catch mice.

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