Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Visualize a box

With our new AT&T modem in it, sitting on the front steps of the house, or maybe left inside the green front door:

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Cool, but also maybe a touch creepy, to search one's own digital image files, and, not finding a photo of the front steps, find one on Google instead. Still, it's really not all that different from all those newspaper and magazine articles, and even whole books, that I enjoyed reading, and then chucked or sold or recycled, confident that some library somewhere was storing a copy for me, so I did not need to keep my own.

And not sure when they took this, summer sometime, probably 2007, despite the ©2008 Google - the grass is not brown like this today - it's in that lovely spring in WI condition, not been mowed for the first time, because the violets & dandelions are too pretty to chop down - and there's a moving van down the street.

Don't think our modem will look like this (the result of another Google search):
I'm betting on more like this:

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