Monday, May 05, 2008


Both kids were home this weekend, but mushroom-hating younger son went back to Milwaukee late Sunday afternoon, leaving me to make dinner for mushroom-loving older son. (The younger one didn't even taste the lemon meringue pie I made in his honor; I'll probably eat the filling & meringue myself for dessert tonight.) I tried using soy yogurt as the liquid in the crust - the yogurt made it crunchy but I could taste a little too much soy, as if the crust had been made with Crisco, instead of the all-butter it in fact was....unless, hmm, I think I did toss in a few TBLS of vegan margarine, a.k.a. more soy - probably what put the crust over the soy-flavor threshold <grin>.

I got these pretty shitakes at the farmers' market Saturday. Made them into pasta, with caramelized onions, garlic, red wine, and a hunk of herbed goat cheese that's been sitting around (though I scraped off a bunch of the herbs). The stems were a little tough, but the dish was tasty, overall.

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