Monday, May 26, 2008

Bob Fest, and seeing John off -

Yesterday morning, John, Al, Megan, Ethan and Mark were all here for breakfast. I made eggs & potatoes & sausages & the biscuit cimmy buns that Al likes.

Today I made a big breakfast again - waffles, bacon, juice and I heated up the asparagus quiche and some rhubarb muffins I made yesterday (I forgot to put the eggs in - they looked great, but are not perfect yet - I am going to try again, Real Soon Now, and post the recipe and pix, when they are perfect). John passed through Madison with the three other kids he's going on his grand cross country trip with - Adam, Mike & Kristin - so it seemed only right to feed them.

But it is now 3:22 on Memorial Day afternoon, and I didn't grill on Saturday, because I went to a chick flick with Rachael; and I didn't grill yesterday, because I went to Bob Fest, and drank beer at dinner time, and had a cheese sandwich for dinner at 8:30 when I got home. After that second big breakfast, I don't really feel like grilling tonight, either - I'm thinking cold Asian noodle salad, with ice cream for dessert - I made the good chocolate sauce again - or maybe just the ice cream.

Bob Fest was kind of cursed this year - I got there at about 4:45, and there was a fire truck out front - a transformer on a a pole next to the Spring Green Cafe had started smoking, so they had to shut off the power and get the firemen and Alliant Energy to come out and fix stuff. Then, when the P.A. was finally working again, the weather turned stormy, so we moved indoors, where it was hot and sweaty and a damn good thing that a lot of people had left during the time of no power, since the cafe holds far less people than its backyard.

In the end I only saw one band, and had 3 beers instead of two. Ken Lonnnquist & band - the Whoeverlys for this occasion, including Andy Ewen from Honor Among Thieves, and I got to meet Andy's granddaughter - performed a nice set of Dylan songs; Jokerman was especially good. And I drove home under a rainbow - and it did pour, so I guess the move to indoors was required.

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