Sunday, May 11, 2008

Deep dish pizza, chocolate sauce and Mother's Day

Last night for dinner, I made deep dish sausage pizza (from a Cuisine at Home recipe; it has a cornmeal crust that you bake blind - weighted with beans & foil- so it can get crisp despite the quantity of the filling - they even have a vid to show you how).

When the kids were littler, we were always trying to make the perfect chocolate sauce. Once, somehow, I got it to be chewey, and I've never really been able to re-create. I like to use sugar and cocoa for chocolate sauce rather than chocolate, and I tried doing things like melting them together in the microwave, without any other added liquid, to make the sauce. My newest cookbook purchase, Alice Medrich's Pure Dessert, has a recipe that seemed promising - equal parts sugar and cocoa, cooked with butter and heavy cream (I used half & half). It was thin-ish but really good, and now that it has chilled I bet it'd be chewey.For Mother's Day, I looked at all the restaurant brunch ads and was uninspired; I went to my old fallback, which is "what I want for mother's day is for you guys to let me cook for you" - I was going to make eggs Benedict, but no one really likes Hollandaise, so I made fancy egg sandwiches - toasted English muffins, with poached eggs (poached with rosemary & chili flakes in the water) and crispy prosciutto or Canadian bacon. And blueberry coffee cake.

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