Thursday, April 24, 2008

Courbet at the Met

I watched Buy the ticket, take the ride last night, a documentary about Hunter Thompson, featuring commentary by his many friends & associates, including actors who have portrayed him, especially Johnny Depp and Bill Murray.

The Depp interview segments in "Buy the ticket" are funny because he's in about half of his Capt. Jack Sparrow makeup; kohl-rimmed eyes, bandana on the head, 2 long strings of beaded beard. And interspersed is footage of him as Thompson, in Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, bald and clean-shaven. They interviewed Laila Nabulsi, one of the producers of Fear & Loathing, and she said she had enjoyed taking these two heart-throbs, Johnny Depp & Beniccio del Toro, and making one bald and the other fat for the movie.

Today I was looking at this picture of Gustave Courbet, and he is looking rather Depp-ish, himself.

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