Monday, April 21, 2008

'blogging is the first casualty

We are still without Internet at home, hence no blog posts for a long time, even though I did several 'blog worthy cooking things last week, like a dinner for students on Monday; cheese platters and wine for the memorial service for a friends' Dad on Wednesday - I made a pan forte nero to accompany the cheeses, with figs and almonds and hazelnuts held together with a small amount of flour and honey, from Alice Medrich's Pure Desserts; dinner for a group of 18 on Friday at the house; and Passover desserts on Saturday - hazelnut dacquoise layers with chocolate pastry cream made with soymilk, to be non-dairy with our meat meal, with sliced strawberries and chocolate glaze drizzled over, may be the best Passover dessert ever.

I also had a phone interview for a job on campus that was NOT what I expected, and I was ill-prepared. The job is to be curator of a textile collection, and the phoner was 8 questions, the first 5 of which were technical questions related to the textile arts (name five loom types, the fabrics they produce, and where they are used), so by the time we got to the 3 that were more related to archives & museum administration, that I think I did better on, I was so demoralized, I am sure they are not calling me back. I could say that lack of Internet affected my level of preparation, and I'm sure it did, but I can't blame it all on that. Anna had the most comforting words; she said, "oh well, you know what you know".

Recipes and pictures Real Soon Now (as they say in the software biz, when asked, "when's the new release?")

Oh, yeah, and online shopping, fugeddabadit - I finally bought bras and replacement salad plates for the ones I broke at the Friday night dinner on Saturday morning at School Woods - it still has Internet - but there must be more stuff I think I should have. Although, perhaps, this is a good greed-curbing experience.

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