Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Odd behavior?

Last night, getting ready to go to Minnesota for four days for a librarians conference, I went into food production mode - my younger son is getting here tomorrow, and needs to eat, and I wanted to use up stuff I had in the fridge. I made a dozen scones, some to take in the car, some to leave for Al, some to freeze; a pan of mac & cheese; and taco meat. When everything was done, I watched the rest of Into the Wild on DVD. I didn't really eat dinner, although I also didn't eat well - had leftover warm red cabbage with feta salad, that I made at the same time as the cole slaw, to use up the remaining half head of red cabbage and half head of green cabbage from the last one dish dinner (another recipe to follow; based on Deborah Madison - omitting the majoram that tastes like soap to me...) a handful or two of my favorite indulgence, marshmallows & chocolate chips, and a big bowl of ice cream with crystallized ginger for watching the movie - all completely negating any good effects of the hour long walk I took in the morning.

In retrospect, it seems to me like NOT the way most people would behave - more likely to just watch the DVD, eat in a little more civilized fashion, and get to bed on the early side to get up early and pack (the last part I did do). The phrase that comes to mind was when my mom would give me this sort of sidelong look and say, "you are a strange child".

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