Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Thought it was just me, but ....

I guess the whole state of Wisconsin is currently indulging in Johnny Depp sightings, since it's just been officially announced that the rumors are true; Depp will be playing John Dillinger in a movie that will be filmed partially here in Wisconsin.

Evidently we're offering film companies a plummy enough tax break that it's worth it to film here - you go Gov. Doyle. I don't know if our state will produce the movie support expertise that they have in California, or even Canada; even George Romero is filming his zombies in CA (Canada) instead of Pittsburgh PA now - but the producer, Michael Mann, is a UW-Madison alum, and you'd think we'd have a big enough arts brain trust - plus they'll do the post-production wherever, after they've used our nice scenery.

I hear there was a casting call for extras dressed in 1930s vintage here in Madison earlier this month, and as I walked in to work today I was thinking about what I could've worn - but it was the day I was at the Willy St Board retreat all day, shucks.

Maybe I can find out who's catering the shoot - cook lunch for Johnny Depp, how fun would that be, although I'm pretty sure he subsists on black coffee and cigarettes.

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