Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Home alone 3

This is my third night with the house to myself, all the menfolks are gone - Mark's in Ohio, John & Al are off at school, and Ethan's not here because Mark's not.

As I told John on the phone today, if it was longer, I'd get probably lonely, but for 3 nights, I'm kind of enjoying myself. I've been cooking and watching TV with both cats curled up on top of the comforter on top of me. And TV has been providing plenty of random glimpses of Johnny Depp - Sunday I watched the Oscars, so there was Depp as himself, some shots of him getting transformed into Capt. Jack Sparrow, when Pirates got nominated for makeup, and Depp as Sweeney Todd for best actor. Last night I watched parts of two movies - the last half hour or so of Chocolat, where Juliet Binoche finally figures out that it's hot chocolate that is Roux's (Depp's gypsy character) favorite type of chocolate; and all of Benny & Joon, where Johnny at 25 or 26 is young enough to look exactly like my son John. Tonight I watched The Queen, so entirely different type of enjoyment, admiring the good manners of the British - and it did seem apropos of Daniel Day-Lewis bowing to Helen Mirrin when she handed him the best actor Oscar.

Sunday I made sweet sour tofu. Last night it was some pasta with caramelized onions, roasted butternut squash, and goat cheese, and rice pudding. Tonight I made really good coconut rice to go with the leftover tofu - the cats lapped up the few grains I dropped on the floor so energetically, I threw a few more down.

And I tried out a cookie recipe I discovered on the bag of heath bar chips leftover at the back of the closet from Christmas - Peanut Butter Cookies with Heath Bits. They came out nice and chewy, and I'm sure would be good with chocolate chips instead of heath, too.

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Audrey said...

I love the peanut butter cookies with Heath bits. Yum!!! Nice blog.