Thursday, January 03, 2008

Elvis Costello has a song, Welcome to the working week - and this being 2008, I can not only find the lyrics on the web, there are several UTube videos from the one I preferred and just linked to from the song title, which is current, over-50 Elvis (he's almost exactly a year older than me, give or take a week or two), Elvis Costello at The Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA 11/8/07, with members of the band Clover, some of whom appeared un-credited on the original album, a benefit concert; to what looks like someone putting their CD library on UTube - individual cuts from My Aim Is True, with just the cover as illustration, in correct song order (working week is track 1).

Elvis as either angry young man or over-50 artiste strikes me as appropriate today, when I am feeling out of sync and tired, on this Thursday that's like a Monday, and still vacation for what appears to be roughly 75% of the University workforce ...

John and I had one of our standard control freak quibbles over terminology in the car yesterday - we were driving to the office holiday party that I was making a pizza feast for, and he was talking about "next Saturday" and got fed up with me when I kept trying to clarify the 5th or the 12th, because clearly the 5th is THIS Saturday, God, mom .... but he softened on me when I reminded him that even though it was Wednesday, Monday & Tuesday were holidays THIS week.

And my brother was writing about using his weird Wednesday to ski, using this offbeat time for an offbeat pastime - for those who live in Seattle, anyways, where it is more "normal" to ride your bike in the rain, than drive off to the snowy mountains to ski.

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