Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Last cookie kind

Last year the last one was the Sambucca crinkles - this year, it's the fig bars. I feel a little wistful, almost sorry it's over (although I have moved into appetizer-party-food production mode instead). John called me tonight, after his last big critique and I think he feels a little the same way I do - knows he did good work, but somehow now that it's done and been looked at, it's not as exciting as yesterday when he had just finished matting everything and it all looked good to him. There's always something that just doesn't come out as good as you thought, when you were still in the planning & doing - executing - phase.

I must be done - I am completely out of containers - the fig bars had to go in four. This is what they looked like when I put them on the counter for their close up, before the cat attacked while I was brushing my teeth. And of course she went for the box with what were the most perfect ones, before she put claw holes in them, the ones that were not a tad too brown.

And I never paid the bills or sent in any of those holiday donations that are sitting on my desk, either - well, tomorrow.

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