Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas pudding

I made Christmas dinner for five of us yesterday - gougére & cold shrimp & nuts for starters; smoked salmon pasta (sauce from cream, flaked salmon, and pureed roasted red peppers) and wilted greens salad, with optional roasted beets in walnut vinaigrette on the side; and Christmas pudding (Dorie Greenspan's recipe) for dessert - I even set it afire, although I followed the recipe instructions, to warm the brandy, then pour it over, then light - it did not catch. I followed my better instincts, and lit the brandy in the pan and poured it over, and that worked a lot better - next year, I will have someone else do the flaming alcohol pour, so I can get a better picture. The pudding was definitely good enough to make again next year!

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