Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sunday cooking

Today was the good time change, where we get an extra hour, and the day did seem a bit more relaxed, but I still kind of ran out of time. I had coffee in bed, all cuddled up with Mark and the cats, then got up and went for a walk, and made fried potatoes with rosemary and garlic for breakfast - so far so good.

I went to the co-op, stopping by School Woods to drop off some stuff, and then came back home and Mark and I walked down for coffee at Starbucks. Mark got us tickets to see Hilary Hahn at the Union Theater, so it didn't seem like there was time for me to do all the things I wanted to do, and still go to Rachael's 2-hour restorative yoga - it's an hour of regular Hatha yoga, then an hour of putting yourself into poses with lots of props and staying in them for a long time.

I'm trying to write a couple of job apps. and they're not done, and speaking of School Woods, it needs some updates to its web site, and naturally I'd love to be writing better, more philosophical and humorous blog posts, a la (or maybe that's le in this case) Dave Shapiro .... though sounds like he was not being as productive as he wished with his extra hour today, either ...
I did a bunch of cooking, and unfortunately the leek-and-potato soup was not as delicious as hoped, I think using chicken broth made it too rich or greasy or something, although the roasted pepper and goat cheese calzones were very good - even though I burned my knuckle roasting the peppers this a.m. I think I may use the yeasted tart pastry I used for the calzones for the sausage rolls I always make for the cookie party - I'll feel better that I made it myself, instead of the poppin' biscuit dough I have been using, and not too much trouble. And also unfortunately Mark didn't want dinner - he is trying to run more and eat less, so pretty soon he is going to be way too fit and handsome to hang out with a fat old bag like me. I came back after Hilary and dumped the soup.
We went to see Robyn Hitchcock last night - he was good, but mostly solo, a singer named Sean Nelson who's on Hitchcock's last album - Ole Tarantula, opened for him, and sang back up a bit - I guess his other friends that he was out with last year, the Venus 3, Peter Buck, Scott McCaughey and Bill Rieflin, that he describes as "old friends who are also 3/4ths of the Minus 5 and half of R.E.M." are doing other things. So the show seemed kind of short, and I regretted that I didn't bring anything with me to have Robyn sign, so I'd have some excuse to queue up and try to talk to him, after - though I know those things are almost always a bust, nothing to say except "thanks"; hopeless to try instantly convey all the feelings you have for an artist's music and why you get them better than anyone, and are the best fan they have. And this signing had to be extra rushed because Hitchcock was the early-bird, geriatric show - there were three other bands starting at 10:00 and the club had to take down all the chairs.

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Anonymous said...

Great post--but it is Sean Nelson not "Melson" who opened up for Robyn. You may remember him as the lead singer for the band Harvey Danger.

Ps. That food looks so good!