Tuesday, October 30, 2007

We're so spoiled

Twice in less than 24 hours I've had that awful experience of getting someplace, feeling in all of my pockets and purses, and not finding some vital item - my keys or my cell phone. At work we've been trying to keep our offices locked, after a rash of small robberies, and yesterday I just couldn't hang onto my keys - I have a single office key on a conference-badge-holder-lanyard, as well as my regular keys with my house and my bike and my office on a big chain, and somehow I kept locking both into my office. I thought I had it all figured out, then I got home, and no keys. I had to spend an uncomfortable night worrying if I just left them on my desk, a.k.a. recoverable; or if they had slipped out of my pocket on the bus ride home, a.k.a. lost forever.

This morning I took the bug in to get its turn signals fixed, and I was feeling sorry for myself that I couldn't take advantage of the car place's free WiFi - couldn't get into my office to get my laptop to take with, no keys - and then had to endure another bout of that "no not here, not here, where the fuck is it", with my cell phone, while still not knowing where my keys were. I had put my cell phone into the outer pocket of my bag, then I jumped up on the counter to get down a travel mug for coffee, and felt everything shift in the bag - so maybe the phone flew out onto the kitchen floor?

Mostly I just thought how our instant-gratification & constant-communication era fuels my natural impatience - I was literally miserable with not knowing where my stuff was, for roughly an hour. And frustrated 'cuz I thought I'd have to go back home and look for the friggin' phone, when I had packed so carefully to NOT have to go back home till around 9:00 tonight (why I needed the travel mug ...)

The phone turned up on the floor of the car, the keys on my desk, so I guess all's well that ends well, but I still begrudge my hour of misery, even though it's my own fault.

Guess I need to do like this guy, who's on the radio in FLA - Christian radio, 88.1 The Way ...

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