Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ultimate pizza combos

Between using up leftovers and having that pizza party at the supper club, I think I discovered two perfect pizza topping combinations:

  1. cubed, roasted, butternut squash; caramalized onions; goat cheese on white crust
  2. roasted broccoli; purple onions; bleu cheese; sun-dried tomatoes on ww crust

One of my friend Rachael's yoga instructor friends had a baby in September, and had a really hard labor, so we've been taking her and her husband food. Tuesday I got up early to take Mark to the fleet car lot, then came home and made the squash one for them. Rach and I took the food over at 4:00ish, I got to hold the baby a bunch, then went to an hour long yoga class. Not a bad day.

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