Monday, October 22, 2007

On my other computer ...

One of the excuses that you used to be able to use for not paying for stuff was, "Oops, my checkbook's in my other jacket." I just realized that this is now my new excuse for no pictures - "Oops, on my other computer." I have been doing a lot of traveling since last week, up to Green Bay for our state librarians' conference, down to Chicago for a play day- shoe shopping and museums - while Mark had more librarians' meetings, and finally a pizza-surprise-5oth-birthday party at the supper club last night.

And all the pictures are on my other computer.

Just about all the food in GB was dreadful - I compensated by eating lots of candy - since the state library convention is so near Halloween, all the exhibitors have bowls of chocolate out - and not exactly good chocolate either; baby Milky Way bars, you know the size where you store the bag in the freezer so you won't eat them so fast, but they just taste better that way.

Green Bay, like Milwaukee, decided to mall-ize their downtown, but then the mall died. I walked around at 9:30 a.m. on a Thursday and it was dead - no people, no coffee bars, all I found was a smoke shop and a Subway.

We drove down to Chicago late Thursday afternoon, and after we went under a rainbow to get on 43, it poured rain and hailed - for about 5 minutes, and then was cloudy with cloud to cloud lightning the rest of the way down. Went up to 75 on Friday and just as hot Saturday and Sunday, both in WI & Chicago - and then last night, down to 47. Let's hear it for climate change. Out in Seattle, the bro is biking in almost-gale winds.


GreenBayUrbanist said...

Yeah you're right about the "mall-ized" downtown. Nice word, by the way..."Mallized". I think I might use that, OK with you?

As for eats--You missed at least a few great restaurants. Angenlina's was right around the corner from the smoke shop. Angelina's has GREAT authentic Italian (yes, it's rally authentic). ALso down from Subway on Washington is FetaZ. Also very good food. THere is more but unfortunately not're right, the downtown is dead at night. What a shame. I blog about our problematic downtown, I try to highlight the few remaining but overlooked and underappreciated things about the downtown... that's how I found your blog..

Lo said...

Used to live in GB. You're right about the demise of its downtown -- and that really IS a shame.

One of my favorite spots near downtown was always Espresso Cafe. Not TOO far from where you were... in college I called it Depresso, because it's where we would go to get a latte and contemplate all of our big (but often angst ridden) ideas.