Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Got to do a few really fun things in DC

Went for dim sum on Sunday - which I have always wanted to do in a city with a big China Town. We went to a place called Tony Cheng's Seafood Restaurant, a big crowd of OCLC folk. The 10 of us were seated instantly, and the carts rolled up with barbecued duck and pork, all kinds of dumplings, soft white pork buns, noodles with shrimp inside (too slimey for me) chestnut cake (too jello-y for me), sesame buns with sweet bean paste inside, and lots of vegetables - the eggplant was probably the best dish.

Also on Sunday we went to see Peter Case at the Mansion on O - we signed up for concert with dinner, Ethan & I agreed that if we ever went there again, we'd skip the dinner. The food was mostly from local delis, and there was a lot of it: ham, a whole smoked turkey, salads, breads, cookies, candy - there was just food everywhere - we wandered through the place to see the B&B rooms, and there were cookie jars and trays of muffins all over the place. And everything in the place was for sale - there were stack sof dishes in the stairs with price tags, and guitars on display, and at the tabel where we ate, there was a pile of jewelery in the center, on little cards with prices.

We ate two diner breakfasts, at the Waffle Shop and Ollies Trolley - Waffle Shop was better.

We walked around the mall and monuments - Vietnam wall & Lincoln, and I went "backstage" at Natural History to see a presentation on a digitization project, the Biodiversity Heritage Library. And I took pictures of plants and flowers in the gardens by Natural History; I am going to do a better DC slide show Real Soon Now.

And we went to big inaugural banquet - I was actually pretty nervous about escorting Mark in - and I drank too much, and danced to the Beatles cover band provided.

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