Sunday, May 13, 2007

Can't believe I haven't written for a week -

I started a post on Friday, talking about what a pissy day Thursday had been, but never finished - that's probably all to the good, sparing the blogosphere yet another several hundred words of kvetching.

Yesterday my friend Rachael and I put on a yoga lesson and lunch, that was quite fun - an hour of Rachael's yoga instruction followed by a salad lunch. My house turned out to be just fine for a yoga class - not too noisy, and a little tight, but not too crowded. I made chicken salad with a tahini dressing & red peppers & sugarsnap peas, Mollie Katzen's sushi salad, and roasted asparagus with a shallot-champagne vinegar vinaigrette, and goat cheese. Served with mixed greens, to make a bed on your plate. I had to make Susan go get some Newman's balsamic vinaigrette, since I forgot the dressing I had mixed up, and also the fancy chocolates. There was iced hibiscus tea, and blueberry-banana smoothies, as well as plain and fizzy water to drink.

There was some nice serendipity about the meal - I had been planning to make a tofu and greens or broccoli salad, kind of like this, at room temp, but I somehow just could not get my head around it, and, in looking for mothers' day recipes, found the basis for the asparagus at Cook's Illustrated, at the same time as asparagus is great at our farmers' market. And I bought fruit, the co-op has been having quite good strawberries, but the melon and the pineapple, purchased Thursday, were still dead green on Sat. - sometime on Friday, inspiration came - and wah lah, smoothies, using frozen fruit put by last summer <grin>.
We think we'll do another one, June 10th.

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