Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bánh mì wraps

Tonight I made Bánh mì wraps, yet another twist on what's already supposed to be an ultimate ethnic fusion food. Bánh mì sandwiches are Vietnamese street food, Asian ingredients on a French baguette, because the French had such a long influence in Vietnam. The vegetarian ones are a great fave of my bro's and he served them at his 50th b-day party. The wraps're stuffed with crispy fried tofu (with a crust of flour, egg & Panko - the cat went nuts trying to lick up the last crumbs from the sink, even around a bowl full of soapy water), sesame oil salad dressing, and diced cucumber, carrot, jalapenos, and scallions, tossed with rice vinegar and a tad of sugar. A couple of them had some leaves of a spicey cress I got at the farmers' market last Saturday, but I ran out of that pretty quick. John put the ISO on my camera down to 200, and I think it helped for the pictures.

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