Thursday, April 19, 2007

Tomorrow's dinner

I am taking Friday off to cook, and it's turned out that the Cruellest Month dinner will be an intimate affair - 7 people - so for once I should have plenty of time to photograph the food. So far, I have been in long-rise, no-knead bread production mode - I wanted three loaves, and have one good one baked last night, and one where I forgot the salt, and it came out a little flat, not taste-wise, or at least I have not tasted it yet, I bet it will taste flat, but height-wise. And I have one rising right now. I think the lesson is that no salt affects the rise, too - without salt to retard the yeast, it rises too fast, and then gets tired and flops, and doesn't spring up for that last rise in the hot oven.

I can't find a picture that's similar to the nice, domey profile of my 2nd bread (which, in no-knead bread accounting, is actually my 4th loaf; my friend Julie is up to 60 something) - Sullivan Sreet Bakery had a little movie on their site where banana gorillas came out and kicked a bread around, but they've developed the site further and taken the movie away ...

The no-salt one looks like this:

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