Sunday, April 22, 2007

Theme for the weekend

The theme for this weekend was running out of time - there were too many things I did not get around to, like taking lots of pictures of the the process of cooking Friday's dinner; or writing about some of the other meals I cooked, like tonight's vegetable curry & onion-sesame Naan (although I used black caraway seeds); or especially, just taking time to be outside, during some of the first hot sunny days of spring in WI, when everyone is kind of dazed by how pleasant it suddenly is. One of my friends (who I promised not to write about, so this'll be it) is always on me about making myself too busy and stressed - while I don't generally agree with her in her opinion of how I conduct myself, I do admire the way she manages to NOT fill up her days with as much frantic activity as I do, and leaves room for important stuff like paying attention to loved ones, and having time to think.

Anyways, here're my additions to the bajillion pictures of the long-rise, no-knead bread that have been cluttering up the internet since last November, when Mark Bittman wrote about it in the NYT.

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