Monday, March 05, 2007

IN-conspicuous consumption

Because of the snow and car crashes last weekend and early last week, I never went grocery shopping until this Saturday, at least American-style, go to the store and stock up for a whole week, multiple grocery bag type shopping - I did buy lettuce and milk and spinach, and a few other things, chocolate, I think, and carried them home on the bus last Monday.

So you'd think by today, I'd have more of that seasonal, just enough feeling that's in a lot of Nigel's recipes, like the one I looked at this morning that talked about eating new beets, roasted, tossed with oil & vinegar with slices of white bread and butter, with the butter spread on like plaster. Instead, even though I made very good pizza (Willow Creek sausage, prosciutto w/arugula & Reggiano Parmesan, and sort of margharita, with canned chunks of tomato, fresh mozzarella, fresh garlic, parsley & lemon zest) that got almost all eaten up yesterday, I also feel like I have gloppy dregs of a tomato-chick pea soup that I made Saturday, that was good, but not all that good, and most of a congealed casserole of pasta, creamed spinach, and panacetta, with crumbs on top, that is good if you heat it in the real oven not the microwave, so the crumbs get crispy again, and it needs more parmesan sprinkled on. And actually, I wish it was just the dregs of the soup, too - it's a whole pot, way more than I can eat myself, even if I bring a jar of it for lunch at work every day, like I did today.

I tried to use what was in the house, canned tomatoes & beans, pasta, frozen vegetables and recent recipes that caught my eye - the soup's from Splendid Table, and hmm I see it did NOT make the list of Web site recipes <grin> - maybe that was a clue; the casserole, Cooking Light - but somehow rather than feeling like I was cooking the right food at the right time, it's Monday with leftovers again.

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