Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Winter crankiness

Yesterday I never really had dinner, I ate handfuls of marshmallows and chocolate and almonds, both before a meeting I had to go to at 6:00, and more when I got home at almost 9:00 pm.

I thought today would be better, I would have a more gracious and serene life, but no such luck - I ate better during the day, yogurt and granola and fruit, and when I got home from work I shoveled snow & ate a few cracker sticks with peanut butter, then I drove - that was my mistake, should have walked - to the UPS place to send off a return with a prepaid label, and then went to the bank to do a deposit. It was a little slippery and there was too much traffic, and no one could drive in the snow.

Then even though I made a great, healthful sounding dinner - whole wheat pasta with herbs and toasted bread crumbs, and salad - it was eaten in between a phone call from John - he lost a glove, and has no groceries, and UPS won't deliver his new hard drive - and trying to make Al's iTunes work, and answering email from students. I made taco meat & tacos for Al, so that also made it harder to actually sit down and enjoy my pasta, plus I felt guilty 'cuz John has no food.

And the cat figured out how to fish stuff out of the trash on super bowl Sunday (she got chicken wing bones and kale stems on Sunday), so that has made her even more cocky and up on the counter trying to steal food - so every time I ran downstairs to baby sit Al's computer, I had to cat-proof my meal, and that's just when I got to the eating part - she was trying to grab herb stems from the sink, and lick the colander I drained the ground beef in, and I got so confused I ran water into the drained fat and had to let it congeal in the fridge overnight before I could wash the pot and throw the beef fat away.

If I said I'm having my period, I could use that as an excuse, but even that's not strictly true - I have been pre-menstral for like 3 weeks, and am only just finally spotting a little today - more joys of perimenopause.

Now it's 9:30 and I should be snuggy on the couch with some cats watching TV with a cup of tea, not still in work clothes, typing at the computer, with my stomach not quite right, and dry skin, and cold feet.

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